Trends to look out for in industrial wastewater treatment

The rise of technology is accompanying an increase in the wastewater emitted by the industries. However, as diamond alone can cut a diamond, it is the responsibility of the water treatment technology to set the damage right by helping in the purification of the wastewater coming out of the industries. We can lookout for the following trends in industrial wastewater treatment in the coming days.
Efficient aeration
You may know that aeration is a vital process in wastewater treatment. If done properly, aeration can have a greater effect on the treatment process and it can pave way for the removal of certain costly processes. It will reduce the overall expenditure on wastewater treatment and will bring equivalent results. However, it is expected that several new technologies will make the aeration process highly efficient and suitable for the removal of impurities.
Biological treatment
Among all other activities of impurity removal, biological treatment alone will give efficient results in a short span. If further research is done on the efficient use of microbial technologies, this process can also reduce a lot of treatment expenses for the industries. These technologies should help find the best microbes for specific types of wastes to make the process efficient.
Reduced oxygen levels
As more oxygen is required in the current processes of aeration, more electricity is being used because of the huge requirement for electrically operated blowers. Hence, it is expected that improvements in technology will help industries use microbes at lower levels of dissolved oxygen. So, the overall electricity consumption may get reduced as there is no need for many air blowers.
Reduced sludge
Research is going on in the usage of effective microbes that may degrade too much of the sludge. So, the sludge removal process will not be hecticbe more efficient. Hence, the overall cost of the process will get reduced.