What you should check before considering plastic surgery

Although surgery is there to help improve quality of life, improve people‚Äôs self-esteem and correct certain disorders, it is important to note that any type of surgery has risks. There is also potential for possible complications. This is the reason why you are always advised to be honest with your surgeon for the sake of establishing whether you are in a position to undergo the procedure or not. Dr Leonard Hochstein is a board-certified surgeon and has performed many surgeries. He is well-known and has even been termed as a ‘Boob God.’ According to him, there are many important things that his patients must be sure of before undergoing any procedure. Here are some of them
Their health
The first thing that Dr. Hochstein will check before he performs any type of surgery on you is your overall health. To be out of danger and perform a successful surgery, Dr. Hochstein will make sure that you are not only in good health but also have a stable weight. According to him, you will only make a good surgery patient when you are determined and positive about improving your physical appearance. Although many of his surgeries have helped many people, he also advises patients to realistically think of their expectations. At the end of the day, plastic surgery can only improve a person’s appearance and not reconstruction as many people hope.
Their mindset
Another thing that the Dr is advising you to check before considering plastic surgery with him is your mindset. You will only be able to achieve positive results when you have the right mindset. This is important because surgeries that Dr. Hochstein is what a choice and not a need. When you choose to improve your appearance, make sure that you have a positive mindset about it.