The Technology Involved In Carding

Carding is a technologies that made a great progress way which is employed in the modern technology today to obtain dazzling effects that convert resources to the level that they may come to be valuable in the technologies today. Once you enroll in a Altenens, you are going to have access to the technology that is working in the method.

We are going to take a short look into the modern technology that is linked to carding. What you really are about to go through shows the behind-the-moments technology which will take area in carding.

Fixed Flats

The age of front and back dishes in carding has vanished permanently. Nowadays, what exactly is in vogue are immobile flats. Their key function may be the cleaning of very long materials. The very best technological innovation should operate at a speed of 220 millimeters/min. They are made of flexible clothing.


The key carding region is called the “doffer.” This serves as the primary shipping position for greeting cards.The technologies as relevant above is commonly used by Altenen to experience greatest results which will consider the leads to carding to the next level.

Detaching Roll

A detaching roller is utilized to the detaching of carded fiber content. It takes away the short fiber and detaches a sliver from the doffer. It pulls the dietary fiber in a very high speed.

Cross Roll

Within the modern technology of carding, cross-rolls are being used in sets. The combination of steel and iron types the go across roll. You will find them underneath the shipping roll. Cross rolls are employed in the form of couples. They are made up of stainlesss steel and iron.


You will discover a need to maintain proper gold progressing.Discs are used in pressing the silver from the auto leveler 2. The most notable discs, in connection with this, are managed by springs. In carding technology, the autoleveller technology is utilized to attain a smooth delivery service.