The history of dabbing and how to do it

Introduction to Dab rig

Dab rigs, also known as gas rigs, are similar to bongs however are explicitly intended for use with skin oils, waxes, and other centered types of marijuana. dab rigs will often have a domed nail as opposed to a dish, and also the dome is warmed having a torch ahead of the oils is used.

Dabbing is now ever more popular as more people uncover its many benefits. For one, dabbing allows you to benefit from the full flavoring of the favored concentrates. Dabbing also provides a more significant and quick higher than smoking plants. Ultimately, dabbing is far more effective than smoking utilizing a lot less materials, you will get equally as substantial.

History of Dabbing

Dabbing is a somewhat new phenomenon containing only grow to be well-liked in recent years. Nevertheless, the history of concentrated marijuana goes back ages. In historic The far east, men and women applied to create a kind of hash named jing by compressing THC-rich resin through the hemp vegetation.

At the center East, many people have been producing a variety of concentrate known as hashish for hundreds of years. Hashish is produced by extracting it through the cannabis herb and compacting them in a solid status.

The way you use a Dab rig

A dab rig is only a rig, concentrates, torch, and dabber resource.Very first, temperature the nail using the torch until it’s reddish-hot. Then, make use of the dabber tool to use the completely focus on the nail. Suck in slowly and gradually and progressively, and relish the clean, flavorful struck.

Cleansing Your Dab rig

It’s vital to thoroughly clean your dab rig regularly to avoid build-up and make sure optimum efficiency. The easiest way to nice and clean a dab rig is to apply isopropyl liquor and salt. Initially, fill up the rig with rubbing alcoholic beverages and put in a ample sodium. Shake vigorously for a few minutes or so, then rinse off with normal water and let to air dry.


Dab rigs really are a amazing technique to enjoy centered cannabis. They’re easy to use, deliver a strong higher, and offer an excellent flavor expertise. Thus if you’re hunting for a different approach to ingest marijuana, dabbing might be your alternative!